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Cameron pledges to scrap the National Identity Register

Posted by James Hammerton @ 7:47 pm on 26 March, 2007.
Categories political liberties.
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Update: The link to the video at Web Cameron had expired, so I’ve tracked down the new link and updated things here — the link below should now work again.

The Tories have already made promises related to scrapping the identity card scheme, e.g as reported earlier by this blog.

However, some semantic room had been left for e.g. abolishing the cards, but continuing with the national identity register, the most sinister part of the scheme, which could allow passports to morph gradually into an ID card scheme very similar to the one the government is proposing.

However David Cameron, on his weblog “Web Cameron”, has recently and unambiguously pledged to scrap the NIR itself:

The second question was, “David, when you scrap ID cards will you also scrap the underlying National Identity database?”

I can give you a straight answer. Yes - we will get rid of the database.

The database is going to cost a fortune to compile. Estimate something like £5bn over ten years I’ve heard from John Reid.

We think the National Identity card scheme is wrong, and the underlying database puts all the identity eggs into one basket, and we think it should go.

Clearly there is a need for the use of biometrics on passports for the future, and we can make that work, but we don’t believe in a compulsory national identity card scheme, and we think the national identity register- the money can be much better spent on other things and we’ve spoken about those in the past”

(Hat tip: UK Liberty)

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