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This page provides occasional items, linked to the original articles, as we attempt to keep up with the rapidly changing situation on civil liberties.
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1st Jan to 9th Sept 2005


David Davis to Gordon Brown: “Will you restore the freedoms we lost under Blair?”

Writing in the Independent, David Davis, the Tories’ Shadow Home Secretary states:

As Tony Blair reflects on his legacy, Taking Liberties, a film released on 8 June, documents how New Labour has undermined our ancient British freedoms over the past decade.

The Government says the rules of the game have changed: the terrorist threat has escalated and we must trade some freedom for our security. That assessment is superficial. New Labour has undermined our freedoms, but the most damning indictment is the liberty taken with our security in the process. Each shortcut the Government takes with our freedoms masks a shortcoming in its counter-terrorism strategy.


In the present control order crisis, the Home Secretary blames the opposition, the courts and human rights for three terror suspects escaping. He complains he has one arm tied behind his back. The truth is he has been sitting on both hands.

More than a third of control order suspects are on the run. Reid’s latest buck-passing masks three mistakes, all his responsibility. Why did he not use all the existing powers available, including tagging, if these individuals were as “dangerous” as he says? Why, when they disappeared, did the Government wait two days to release their names, allowing them to flee the country through Labour’s lax border controls? And why is Reid suggesting we need extra pre-charge detention before exhausting all other avenues, including seeking a derogation from the European Convention on Human Rights, if necessary?

Talking(sic) Liberties charts Tony Blair’s legacy. The question is where does Gordon Brown stand in this debate. It is a sign of the leadership to come that he has said nothing on these issues.

Liberty and security are not tradable commodities. We cannot defend our freedoms by sacrificing them.

1 Comment

  1. David Davis is a man of grate courage and integrity and has showed himself to be a true champion of Magnacarta and the cause of liberty.

    In taking this stand he has shown himself to be of leadership material, a Churchill, who will do what ever is required to defend the country and protect the rights off all of us,weather that be an enemy from without of from within.

    A country that takss its liberty for granted will one day lose that liberty, in the words of Sir Whiston Churchill, the price of freedom is iternal vigulance.

    The freedom of our country was defended at grate cost and sacrifise in two world wars, are we know to betray the supreme sacrifise of those who valiantly and rilingly laid down there lives for there contry and there fellow country men and women?, from the fallern of the som, to the glorius few who held off the Luftrwaffa in 1940 againsed terrible odds, I say we signed up to Magna Carta, not the German charter.

    The terrowist want us to lose our liberties and freedoms, they want us to be a dictatorial state with there crooked minds and there eval ways and they want us to live in fear, I say this to them, we did not give in to Geltiari, or to Hitler, or the kiser, or Napolian before that or the Spanish Armarda before that, and I say this to Prime minister Gordon Brown, you undermine our freedoms at your peral, remember King John, and remember Oliver Cromwell, you may so the seeds that could drag this country to the brink of cival war.

    If we give in to the terrowist we may as well hand them Magna carta on a plate, that is what they want, truly, never in the field of legal conflict was so much owed by so many to so few, it was and is the bastion of our liberty, to protect us from stealth taxes, and from undue interferance in our daily lives by the queens constables and from the arm of state, we must never let any government use the war on terrow to undermine our freedom, no matter what the politicle colour of there skin, that is just what the terrowist want and THEY, will have won.

    Comment by Tim Shannon — 13 June, 2008 @ 1:38 pm | Edit This

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