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This page provides occasional items, linked to the original articles, as we attempt to keep up with the rapidly changing situation on civil liberties.
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1st Jan to 9th Sept 2005


David Davis and the “slow strangulation” of fundamental freedoms

Update: I left out the excellent Spy Blog from the list below. This site has covered the attacks on civil liberties at a detailed level.

David Davis, until yesterday the Tories’ shadow Home Secretary, has announced his resignation in protest at the Commons passing the law enabling 42 days pre-charge detention. He will fight in the resulting by-election on the general issue of civil liberties. In his speech he refers to the “slow strangulation” of fundamental freedoms in Britain.

Anyone wishing to look-up chapter and verse on the attacks on civil liberties is directed to the following links:

  • Prime recent and proposed attacks on civil liberties. This documents most of the attacks from 1994 to 2005, with direct links to the legislation concerned. For documentation of more recent attacks, the other articles in this blog, alongside the briefing documents are worth perusing.
  • UK Liberty has been documenting the attacks on civil liberties for a couple of years now and doing a sterling job of it too.
  • Taking Liberties is a documentary available on DVD, with a book to accompany it that also documents many incidents in which draconian powers have been used against peaceful protesters in Britain.
  • Henry Porter’s articles in the Observer have also been a good source of info.

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