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What Britain’s snooper’s database will entail

Posted by James Hammerton @ 9:31 pm on 17 October, 2008.
Categories privacy and surveillance, British politics, the database state.
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The British government is proposing to set up a central database of communications data in Britain that will store details of who you phone, what websites you visit, who visits your website, who you email, who you send text messages to and the location of your mobile whilst switched on (and possibly more?) for 2 years.

In a letter to the Herald, Dr Geraint Bevan, the NO2ID Scotland coordinator, has provided an eloquent and succinct description of the impact such a database would have on us:

If the Home Secretary has her way, no longer would we be free to consult online medical sites without the government retaining a permanent record of our health concerns. No longer would it be possible to participate in democracy electronically without the government knowing with whom we are engaging, and when. No longer would it be possible for citizens and whistle-blowers to converse electronically with journalists free of interference from the state. No longer would we be free to download pornography without state stalkers knowing our sexual interests. No longer could we send romantic messages to lovers free from the overbearing presence of continual state surveillance.

This snooper’s database must be stopped.

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