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This page provides occasional items, linked to the original articles, as we attempt to keep up with the rapidly changing situation on civil liberties.
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British government proposes yet more terror laws

Posted by James Hammerton @ 7:30 pm on 18 September, 2005.
Categories political liberties, democracy and the rule of law.
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The British government is proposing yet another “anti-terror” act to go along with the Terrorism Act 2000, Anti-Terrorism Crime and Security Act 2001 and Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005. It appears the government is not content with such measures as:

Amongst other things, under the proposed bill:

  • the police will be able to hold terrorist suspects without charge for upto 3 months,
  • it will be an offence to possess, publish, sell, distribute or otherwise make available publications that either encourage terrorist acts or are of assistance in the commission or preparation of terrorist acts.

The bill also includes several reversals of the burden of proof.

Samizdata and both have commentary on this bill.

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